[IMPORTANT] Donation benefits

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[IMPORTANT] Donation benefits

Post by Oliver on July 5th 2017, 22:35

Donation can get you some pretty cool benefits! (check below)

Donate to support us and get all of those cool things

Donating 1€ will get you 15 days of access to Red Color name, access to the Music-Bot, Donators Voice and Text channels that are absolutely popping. You will also be specially treated by being separated from the other online ones and being cool  Twisted Evil + the Staff is always thankful for your choice to donate Wink.

Donating 2€ will get you the same access mentioned above for 30 days.

Or if you choose to be like a boss and donate 3€! You can choose between Unlimited / Permanent Donator access which means it never ends and the EPIC V.I.P role which also separates you from others and gets you that swag V.I.P Rainbow colored name and all of the Donator stuff for 30 days.

Check us out here

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